Thursday, December 9, 2010

Is the world is heading toward a financial reserves into gold??

Is the world is heading toward a financial reserves into gold:

Warnings from the States to demand conversion and deterioration of the Arab economies. A number of economic analysts have a range of scenarios that may be submitted by a number of countries during the coming period to avoid the occurrence of further losses due to the global financial crisis, in order to preserve the material value of the reserves of state and the likelihood of rising in value as the prices of gold, which has a positive impact in overcoming the global financial crisis quickly.

This has indicated a Economist Ahram Center for Political and Strategic Studies in Cairo, the step to convert the financial reserves of countries to gold is the orientation similar to that done by Iran, citing the announcement adviser Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad that the state of Iran turned the financial reserves to gold in order to avoid problems in the future, Following a dip in the price of oil has more than 60 percent since the peak of the most crucial in July last year.

Economists as experts warned of the feet of the States to transform the financial reserves to gold, where experts expect one of two scenarios, will guarantee to double the effects of the global financial crisis, the first to rise after the price of gold rush States to purchase, which leads to internal crises in the gold markets, as high gold prices of purchasing power would decline it, which in turn affects many sectors in the countries as well as impacting on the major economic entities in the region, will lay off workers and reducing production.

The other scenario is to increase the productivity and gold in the major entities in the region, leading to a decrease in the price of gold significantly and thus lower the value of the financial reserves of the countries, thus impacting negatively on the economies of the countries

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