Thursday, December 9, 2010

Gold decoration and treasury

Gold decoration and treasury:

Precious metal, which now address the social status of the buyer of men and those who Taatqldh of women, in the Gold accounts the greater the amount increased with the quality, however this dialectic between the high price of gold and hold many traditions and the importance of keeping dogs, set up new obstacles in front of youth marriage added to the predecessors of the problems economic and social development, but the solutions were technology and intelligent, to alleviate the weight of gold ornaments and empty what is full of them, or drop a live gold of 24 carats to 12 Kirta only.

Almost a year ago has increased the price of gold in Syria and other Arab countries which Ptorjuha between high and low per day sometimes, adding to the complexities of buying and selling, and ordered to set prices and determined has become very difficult to link the metal markets worldwide are marked by crises large and strong.

The popular saying goes: gold decoration and the Treasury and this explains its importance as an element of the completion of the marriage in the Arab countries and the high Asardh could lead to a social problem, but remain insufficient to persuade the traditions of its requirement to complete the cancellation of the marriage ceremony.


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