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Is the world is heading toward a financial reserves into gold??

Is the world is heading toward a financial reserves into gold:

Warnings from the States to demand conversion and deterioration of the Arab economies. A number of economic analysts have a range of scenarios that may be submitted by a number of countries during the coming period to avoid the occurrence of further losses due to the global financial crisis, in order to preserve the material value of the reserves of state and the likelihood of rising in value as the prices of gold, which has a positive impact in overcoming the global financial crisis quickly.

This has indicated a Economist Ahram Center for Political and Strategic Studies in Cairo, the step to convert the financial reserves of countries to gold is the orientation similar to that done by Iran, citing the announcement adviser Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad that the state of Iran turned the financial reserves to gold in order to avoid problems in the future, Following a dip in the price of oil has more than 60 percent since the peak of the most crucial in July last year.

Economists as experts warned of the feet of the States to transform the financial reserves to gold, where experts expect one of two scenarios, will guarantee to double the effects of the global financial crisis, the first to rise after the price of gold rush States to purchase, which leads to internal crises in the gold markets, as high gold prices of purchasing power would decline it, which in turn affects many sectors in the countries as well as impacting on the major economic entities in the region, will lay off workers and reducing production.

The other scenario is to increase the productivity and gold in the major entities in the region, leading to a decrease in the price of gold significantly and thus lower the value of the financial reserves of the countries, thus impacting negatively on the economies of the countries

Gold decoration and treasury

Gold decoration and treasury:

Precious metal, which now address the social status of the buyer of men and those who Taatqldh of women, in the Gold accounts the greater the amount increased with the quality, however this dialectic between the high price of gold and hold many traditions and the importance of keeping dogs, set up new obstacles in front of youth marriage added to the predecessors of the problems economic and social development, but the solutions were technology and intelligent, to alleviate the weight of gold ornaments and empty what is full of them, or drop a live gold of 24 carats to 12 Kirta only.

Almost a year ago has increased the price of gold in Syria and other Arab countries which Ptorjuha between high and low per day sometimes, adding to the complexities of buying and selling, and ordered to set prices and determined has become very difficult to link the metal markets worldwide are marked by crises large and strong.

The popular saying goes: gold decoration and the Treasury and this explains its importance as an element of the completion of the marriage in the Arab countries and the high Asardh could lead to a social problem, but remain insufficient to persuade the traditions of its requirement to complete the cancellation of the marriage ceremony.

Gold ornaments handmade gold manufactures more among women

Gold ornaments handmade gold manufactures more among women:

Gold of the most metal abducted eye-view of the luster wonderful, one of the elements of density and brighter, one of the less metal that may be exposed to erosion and the degree of purity affect the prices of gold, and when he excelled rights since a foot in the manufacture of gold ornaments and creativity continued in the jewelry industry and handicrafts of them, made to buy it very great importance, especially in Arab societies, especially that it is a manifestation of the rich and luxurious hand Valmchgullac of gold has become the most requested on the level of gold artifacts.

The different tastes of women in their choice of a gold dealer, to the extent the importance of gold and buy them for women increases the importance of selection of quality jewelry for her, it is women choose the type of Bahrain due to its quality and elegance and it fits Gulf women more than others, although there are a lot of other species that may vary from one country to another, from one manufacturer to another.

Therefore goes gold in several phases until the come to us as we see in the shops goldsmiths, first stage is to convert the ore into pure gold and pure need to high temperatures of up to one thousand degrees Celsius, and then pass on some of the steps so can the manufacturer put some stones functional small increase the beauty of the works and call that vaccination phase, and then displays in shops goldsmiths to be sold after that.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Who was behind the smuggling of oil products to Europe?

*Who was behind the smuggling of oil products to Europe?

A big question remained Thawaya in private conversations about who was behind the smuggling of oil products to Europe via the King Fahd Industrial Port in Yanbu on the Red Sea Coast, and extends to another question about the key to continuing the process of smuggling more than eleven years old. But what is the most important of all, the question about what the role of the senior princes of the royal family in this process, especially since the transactions are in a vital area is difficult, but impossible to exit the control of the king and senior princes, namely, the oil field.

Oil derivatives obtained by the company involved in the smuggling operations (zero), a subsidiary of Zainal, chaired by entertained Zainal from Aramco are below the world price by up to 90%, and sells these derivatives such as kerosene in the global markets directly in accordance with pricing world, a process in place effect for nearly a decade and a half.
The family of Zainal known historically and commercially be associated with the royal family, and wing mso particular. Insiders file on the smuggling of oil derivatives say that the issue was no longer a secret, and subject to investigation only because they reached the degree of the scandal, which prompted King Abdullah to intervene personally to prevent the outbreak of a Pandora's box full of terrible secrets.
Oil Minister Ali al-Naimi was committed to remain silent throughout the first phase of the scandal, and still silent until the preparation of this report, the suspicious silence in any case, especially when the long silence up to more than a decade. On 11 February, the newspaper (Okaz) for the smuggling of oil derivatives from King Fahd Industrial Port in Yanbu to France and other European countries for more than eleven years, was issued at the time an official statement explains the circumstances of the case, and explains the fact what happened, although the novel reported that the FBI demonstrated the involvement of the administrative owner of the company and ten other employees working for companies in the petrochemical sector, in the smuggling operations. On 18 February, published the same newspaper published an article by Dr. Hamoud Al Bou Taleb entitled (simple .. 11 years old smuggling!) Reads as follows: (smuggling plate, cans, petrol or kerosene, or even a few drums across the border and rugged, the question can be understood and can be considered in the normal range .. but the smuggling of oil for 11 years from an industrial port government employs hundreds of staff and by hundreds of guards, it is a difficult problem to understand and difficult to pass easily ..).
And attached Bou Taleb on Tomb of the Spokesman for Customs Saudi Arabia over the attempts to smuggle oil, supported through the ports, sea and land, and it dealt with within the crimes of the customs system, and address in accordance with the Uniform Customs and say (this is understandable, Mr. Spokesman when they occur in different places and in small quantities, but to do so a large company and issued Mehrbadtha to European countries for 11 years, then you say it is circumvented in the quality of fluid transferred from the reservoirs of oil to tankers bound for overseas, in what you say this simplistic and frightening what happened ..), and adds (11-year-O our brothers and not 11 days or a month, was this is the night does not censor or control it, no one knows what ever happen ..). And go (repeat and say, petroleum derivatives and not materials that could be smuggled in among the folds of clothing or on donkeys or in cars known smuggling routes. It ships sailing the sea to fill their tanks with tons of petroleum products, and leave our territorial waters to Europe and the other for 11 years, can (gulp) this issue simply??). And the development of Bou Taleb exclamation points at the end of the news reported in the (Okaz) in the earlier article, about adjusting detective administrative smuggling after tracking the movement of commercial traffic to the company, and discovered, allegedly, they use the trick is in the shipment of oil in barrels of oil cars consumers and are re- exported to foreign companies to re-refining in the areas of industrial, commented amusingly, together with a range questions (followed for 11 years!!! and the smuggling of oil from the port of government?? and justify that simple?? What say you people ???).

Dr Salim bin Ahmed Sahab wrote an article in the newspaper (the city) on 21 February entitled (theft in broad daylight!), Which was: the story of other corruption, and even a major, and before the eyes of more than a government together .. Corruption is not true .. Not exercised by the individual traitor, varmint or venal, or thief and scruffy, but a contractor formally with the Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources. Proverb says: (protector Haramiha), and the owner of the company's ideals applied literally, it is not indifferent to your customs control and management of the port, but it came to the legalization of theft through the pipes in front of the ICE (eyes, my administrator). The director of King Fahd Industrial Port in Yanbu that (the thieves) have set up huge pipelines for the smuggling of oil from the tank company in the port to stretchers marine sail to France and other European countries, Vtabieha there and grab the price of the deposited mostly in European banks classified and unclassified. Question: Is oil wealth does not know him loose one? Does the Customs Department (Naimp in honey)? Is the port administration turned a blind eye grounds (mu my job) or (in 60 artful).
Interestingly, the port manager who was on leave and may still, he does not have an answer (finally), the answer is still unknown, but is known is that there is a corrupt hitter somewhere in the industrial port range but does not know God and firmly grounded in corruption. There is another case before the loser of the bet, some are betting that the stakeholders will be open (red eye) to (thieves), and Stvdham and defamed them and (Khachehem curse), and put the full facts in front of the Saudi people noble.
The winner of the bet, it is compared to one million rials in cash, except, that nothing of the facts will show, Valsaid is the extreme secrecy and concern for the reputation of the great thief, and not the small port on the Grand National and the micro-citizen. One last question I put to the Ministry of Oil: Is the quantities of oil in bulk to such a degree? Alice knows exactly how much is pumped into the tanks and then shipped km at sea!! We are not talking about stealing a hundred or two hundred barrels, but thousands or tens of thousands, and over 11 years of perfection and fullness! Please advise us of God have mercy!! But ye, thieves, then you have from God what you deserve!).
Comment and one representing the consensus of people in this country that theft is not an individual, not by the ordinary people, they must be stealing from people who would regale immunity, authority and extensive, and there is the king and princes. He tried to Abdel Aziz Sweden to approach him when he spoke in an article for the newspaper Al-Hayat about the existence (and mediators in the case), but wonder all lies in the absence of any sound of the General Auditing Bureau and the Oversight and Investigations and the Shura Council (in the case must be investigated by the specialized ) says Sweden. And gives the flavor of cynicism on the silence of the institutions concerned and says (not one of them held a press conference or issue a statement of respect for the homeland and the citizen and their rights. Intended to diversify income sources by income home with no income a family company or a foreign investor).
Who is the family business and who is the foreign investor, this is called the majority of citizens to answer for, and to take deterrent measures, but because 11 years of smuggling with impunity, because the base protector Haramiha is the ruling, is expected from the former King Fahd, or the current King Abdullah that issue a royal order to investigate all those involved in the smuggling operations, without exception?! Therefore seem all the questions are legitimate, including the question of the absence of Investigation Management for 11 years, and why, even after finding that the case did not make any of the Minister of Commerce, oil or any official to resign even if the seal royal decree (upon request), or (for health reasons ), to ward off embarrassment.
After five months on raising the issue of oil smuggling in local newspapers, and especially Western (Okaz and the city in particular), was formed, according to the newspaper on 12 July, a committee composed of six government agencies have opened an investigation into the issue of oil smuggling as it confirmed that the company smuggled oil proceeded to buy surplus oil from Saudi Aramco for a nominal fee, provided the use of national products; aromatic solvents and paints. The source pointed out that the results came out where the new committee, consisting of the Ministry of Interior, Intelligence Management, the Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources, Department of Customs, Ports Authority, and Saudi Aramco, which included that the company resorted to the smuggling of oil surplus, which has pledged to use in national products, and exported to European countries that oil consumer.
What is surprising is the language of the resolution issued by the Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources, Saudi Arabia, who used words (urgent decision), where this comes after 11 years of involvement of a company (zero). According to the news of the suspension of the company, the port administration reneged on any responsibility for the smuggling of oil, loaded with the Customs Department's responsibility, it reached the degree of transfer of oil from the tank company located just outside the port-to-carrier Navy directly, through huge pipelines, without the need for drums or any other means of transport.
Company zero headed by Khalid Zainal which belong to the group Zainal Industrial, one of the companies have (Alujain), and (cables), and (Cisco), and is zero purchase of petroleum derivatives such as kerosene and Alqaz and other Aramco are manufactured as products petrochemical intervention in Snaat multiple red like ointment: and solvents, pesticides and labels and inks etc .... Country sells products at very low prices, and what happened that the company has zero to sell the products received from Saudi Aramco directly from the global market and are made without any thing in exposing the fraud, so that made profits by 80% without any significant effort.
The scandal is not what happened in 11 years, but was disclosed by a decision of the Council of Ministers decided the issue of the company (zero Petrochemical), provides Alaqraraly the Ministry of Commerce to correct those violations taken by the Ministry of Trade and Industry regarding allowing the company to zero Petrochemical purchase petroleum products on production of the domestic market , and used as feedstock for the manufacture of their products, backed by the local price, as well as to inform the company that there are no restrictions or a ban on the purchase of petroleum products from the local market and used as feedstock in contrast to previous orders of the Organization for that matter).
This decision quiet and soft that only once the wrongdoing is corrected, ie, stop the sale of zero petroleum products especially production of the domestic market and used as feedstock to manufacture its products at a price local, reveals that the issue is not affiliated with zero and its Director Khalid Zainal, has sent a resolution issued in this regard a question significant and serious: find Zainal from behind? According to one comment (No creature in the country has such firms without a partnership princes

A new program: to guarantee loans gold.

A new program: to guarantee loans gold.:
Created a UAE company that specializes in funding a new initiative to grant loans allow customers to borrow money up to 80% of the value of gold which they deposited. The first gold-equity loans offering of its kind to be launched in the GCC countries, offering competitive interest rates are among the lowest in the market for loans to individuals while at the same time ensure the safe storage of gold
The company announced the Emirates Financial, a subsidiary of Emirates NBD initiative loans to ensure gold available to individuals and companies in Saudi Arabia as well and that the program was launched in coordination with the authority of the Dubai Multi Commodities will be monitoring and implementation of all processes associated with the new product through the electronic system to store the precious metals Dubai Gold Receipt of the Centre for Dubai DMCC is part of the delivery system of the International DMCC, which aims to facilitate the financing of trade in goods.
And gold will be stored which may be in the form of jewelry or gold bullion in the treasury of art owned by the center and operated by Brinks Global Servsz global leader in risk management and logistics services, and safe, which has international experience extends to more than 150 years.

Customers have wanting to take advantage of the initiative to guarantee loans gold deposit worth up to 30 thousand dirhams or more of the gold to the company Emirates Financial note that the period of deposit ranging from below limit of six months and a maximum of 36 months.

Oil and manganese basic pillar of the economy of Gabon.

Oil and manganese basic pillar of the economy of Gabon:

Make the African Republic of Gabon in recent years great efforts to take advantage of its oil sector as a springboard to expand its economy.

Gabon is the most prosperous countries on the continent, where per capita income four times the average income in the countries of sub-Saharan Africa. And plays oil production off the coast of Gabon's influential role in the economy of the country that still relies largely on natural resources.

Have been published, "Oxford Business Group", a research firm and publishing a report under the heading "Gabon 2010", which sheds light on economic activity and investment opportunities in the country. These efforts towards economic improvement in line with the strategic document for the government "emerging Gabon," which focuses on the contribution of the private sector in driving growth by major investments by the public sector.

According to the latest analysis by the International Monetary Fund works to diversify Gabon's economy despite the decline in oil revenues.

Therefore, experts expect the International Monetary Fund is more optimistic vision of the Gabonese economy. And will state this year, In 2011 a high level of growth after slow growth in 2009 due to the global crisis.

The Fund of Gabon last year, GDP growth 5.1 percent in 2010, but data issued by the Gabonese government has recently indicated a rapid recovery. "

It is expected to increase real GDP to about 5.7 percent in 2010, reflecting increased public investment and a recovery in mining, "according to fund analyst Bernadine Akitobe." We expect growth of real GDP in 2011 to 5.6 percent , with the support of the mining and wood processing, and public investment, "added the analyst.

Akitobe said that above all the decline in oil prices and manganese in the global markets is a most serious threat to the economic prospects of Gabon. "These goods constitute about 90 percent of total exports of goods and 45 percent of the gross domestic product," said Akitobe.

The growth of world consumption of gold in the year 2010

The growth of world consumption of gold in the year 2010:

World Gold Council expects to be the world's consumption of gold in the year 2010 is higher than last year, 2009, in the light of the increasing demand in China and India and maintain the level of demand for gold investment tools as well as growth in demand for jewelry, as in the industrial sector.

In a report issued under the title "Gold demand trends for the third quarter of 2010," predicted the World Gold Council to achieve the final three months of this year, more positive results in the light of the significant growth in sales due to coincide with the holidays.

According to the data that the World Gold Council, jewelry sales during the third quarter of this year reached in terms of quantity compared to 17.2 tons 18.1 tons in the same quarter of the year 2009, down 9% but it rose in value terms to $ 678 million versus $ 580 million .

At the level of countries in the Middle East, Gulf and Egypt, the report said that sales of gold amounted in value to two billion and $ 657 million in the third quarter of this year 2010 compared to two billion and $ 298 million growth of 16% of which two billion and $ 384 million sales of jewelry in the third quarter of this year compared to two billion and $ 99 million in the same quarter of the year 2009 and about $ 273 million sales of gold for investment "securities" between the months of July and September 2010 compared to $ 198 million in the same period of last year's growth rate of 38%.

In Saudi Arabia gold sales amounted to one billion and $ 91 million in the third quarter of this year versus $ 920 million in the corresponding period of last year growth of 13% and in terms of quantity compared to 26.4 tons 29.8 tons, down 11%.

In the United Arab Emirates increased value of gold sales during the third quarter of this year increased by 23.5% to reach $ 741 million versus $ 600 million in the same quarter of last year, the amount of gold sales during the period fell by 6%. To 18.8 tons, compared to 20.1 tonnes in the same quarter last year.